Preparing for Your Session – Children & Families

Thank You for choosing Your Life Captured Photography.  Here are some helpful bits of information to prepare you for your upcoming session.

Session Details

Your session can last anywhere from 45 minutes up to 2 hours.  Being parents ourselves we know that things do not always go as planned, and that many times our kids are not the perfect angels that we would like them to be.  We are extremely flexible, and if we need to take a break then we take a break.  Our goal is to help make you and your child comfortable and happy.  If we need to take a break we will.  We recommend bringing a little snack or treat (non-messy).  Cheerios, fruit snacks, and smarties are all great ideas.  We leave plenty of time for breaks, snacks, and outfit changes.

Getting To Know You

We know that some children can be very shy around new people and places.  We will always respect your child’s personal space and gently work on getting them to open up.  We strive to get honest and natural expressions from your child.  Oftentimes we will just let your child wander and play and capture them having some fun!  If needed we will incorporate Mom’s and Dad’s help by standing behind us and acting silly.  Other times we may ask parents for some space, as  children can sometimes feel the need to perform in front of their parents which often means unnatural smiles and expressions.  Keep in mind we will let you child be our guide.


Please see our what to wear guide for more detailed information on clothing.  Feel free to bring along a few different outfits.  At a typical session we will do 2-3 outfits.  We suggest bringing a few outfits and allowing us to help you make the final choice on what would best suit the look, location, and feel you are going for.  Don’t forget the accessories; hats, scarves, ties, and tutu’s are all fun items that add style and personality to your portraits.  For babies that are not able to sit up on their own try to avoid large collars and suspenders that tend to gather up at the neck and overwhelm and hide the jaw line or face.

 Family Portraits

In addition to the standard sit and smile poses there are many other things we can do to show your relationship.   At a typical session will do a variety of posed family shots as well as some some not so typical fun shots; hand in hand walking down a path, a wobbly toddler clinging to your leg, or even a playful toss in the air.  Mom and Dad are even welcomed and encouraged to get a few shots in of (gasp) just them!!!


We have a  selection of props/chairs that are available for us to being along to your session.  Chairs, step stools, ladder, tutus, etc.  We will typically start the session without any props/chairs and then incorporate them as needed.  A bouquet of balloons, your daughter’s favorite doll/with a vintage doll bed, a tea party with stuffed animals, a tutu and parasol, or your son’s favorite superhero cape are all great ideas for something a little different and fun.  Feel free to discuss with us any ideas or visions you have for the session.

Feeling Under the Weather

If your child is sick or feeling under the weather, kindly call us to reschedule.  We are parents too and we understand that sometimes children get sick.  We want you and your child to enjoy the photo session, and a sick child may not feel like having his or her portraits taken.  No need to to worry if your child gets a small boo-boo on his or her face days before the photo session.  Minor re-touching is included on all images.

Additional Tips

Feel free to review our website or Facebook page for more ideas.  Before your session beings we will go over your goals for the session.  We look forward to your upcoming session.  If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to give us a call at (509) 308-0542 or send us an e-mail to

Heather & James

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